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Faema E61 spare parts

Our selection of Faema E61 spare parts

The Faema E61 espresso machine is a revolutionary espresso machine with a timeless design. Technically this machine was a game changer in the espresso machine market. From this point the espresso was made in the E61 brewing group with a constant pump pressure of 9 bar. Instead of using a more labour-intensive lever espresso machine.  The Faema E61 group head, or e61 style group became the basis for a lot of espresso machine manufacturers.

The Faema E61 espresso machine has been build in multiple combinations up to 6 groups. The most common ones are the:

  •           Faema e61 1 group;
  •           Faema e61 2 group;
  •           Faema e61 3 group.

There are also a variety of different parts for these groups above which are not interchangeable to each other. But this is only about 5% off the total amount. But we sell a variety of Faema e61 parts, mostly from our own stock. This ranges from Pumps, motors, heating elements, gaskets, body panels and a variety of other items

On this page we sell a variety of parts for the Faema e61 espresso machine. We have divided the parts into 8 categories:

Faema e61boiler parts

Faema E61 steam/water valve

Faema E61 body parts

Faema e61 valve parts

Faema E61 brewing group parts

Faema e61 water level parts

Faema e61 pump parts

Faema e61 water inlet parts

If you can’t find the item your looking for just send us a message and we will have a look if we can help you.

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