Arrarex Caravel bottomless portafilter
  • Arrarex Caravel bottomless portafilter
  • Arrarex Caravel bottomless portafilter

Arrarex Caravel bottomless portafilter


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On this product page you will find a re-production of a original VAM/Arrarex Caravel portafilter. This item has been casted in the original shape as the original. To give it the look of the early original portafilters.

In this case the bottom has been machined out the portafilter, so it is a bottomless portafilter. The handle is standard made from black Delrin, it is also available in white (the broken white colour is discoloration)

This portafilter does not come with a filter basket, these need to be purchased additionally.

You can use this portafilter on the VAM 1.0 and the VAM1.1 but also on all the Arrarex Caravel models from 1.0 to 3.2


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Arrarex Caravel
Caravel 1.0
Caravel 1.1
Caravel 1.2
Caravel 1.3
Caravel 2.0
Caravel 2.1
Caravel 2.2
Caravel 3.0
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Caravel 3.2
VAM Caravel
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VAM 1.1
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