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Arrarex Caravel replacement lever handle


22,47 €
22,47 € without VAT

shipment after 4 - 8 working days


    On the original machines the bakelite handles are often chipped or broken. That's why we offer replacement handles in black delrin for the arrarex caravel. So not the complete lever.

    How to:

    1. remove the complete lever assembly for the machine;
    2. on both sides of the handle there is a nickle plated guide for the handle. This guide has a small pin in the middle, that needs to be tapped out completely. You only need to do this on 1 side. 
    3. pull the "arms" apart and remove the broken handle part, this can be difficult. the steel connector rod can be rusted;
    4. slide the replacement handle over the connector rod and push the other part of the arms back in it's original position;
    5. Tap the small pin back in it's position.

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