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Faema vintage espresso machine parts

In this category you will find a variety of vintage Faema (Fabbrica Apparecchiature Elettro Meccaniche e Affini) espresso machine models from the past. The most iconic one will be the Faema E61 espresso machine, but also their modern successors like the Faema E61 Legend and the Faema E61 Jubile.

But also the vintage lever espresso machines are present in this category. Models like the Faema Marte, Faema Mercurio, Faema President, Faema Urania and offcourse the Faema Lambro. We have made a special tab for the Faema Zodiac group, seen this is one of the most used lever brewing groups.

For the Faema vintage espresso machines we have a variety of parts available, this goes from piston springs to piston gaskets, complete brewing groups, portafilter gaskets, heating elements to a variety of body parts for these machines.

In some cases it is also possible to have items custom made for the espresso machines when they are missing. This goes from heating elements, to gaskets and sight glasses. Inquire for the possibilities.

If you have any questions about the faema vintage espresso machine parts just ask us the question, we might be able to help.

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