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Boiler rings 

Boiler rings 

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Our selection of espresso machine Boiler rings parts

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    The early models of Faema used a double flange system on their boilers. You would have a heating element flange and a water level flange. These flanges had a gasket to seal off the boiler. To spread the pressure equally over the gasket a inner and outer ring are placed. This ring prevents the deformation of the copper boiler flange and side flanges. Over...

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    Faema Urania 9 hole aluminium boiler flange ring. This flange ring is not suited for the E61 style boiler flange ring.Return to the Urania boiler parts overview

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    For the La Pavoni Europiccola there haven been a variety of boiler fixing rings. It started in the 60ies with the steel boiler rings, from the 1980’s you will find the brass boiler rings. These have 3 m6 bolt holes for installing the heating element, there is also a attachment point for the ground wire. Around the turn of the century La Pavoni...

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