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Faema E61 Legend parts 

Faema E61 Legend parts

This page is dedicated to parts for the Faema E61 Legend. This machine was re-introduced around the turn of the century. The faema Legend was made 3 configurations:

·          Faema E61 Legend S1;

·          Faema E61 Legend S2;

·          Faema E61 Legend S3

Esthetically the Faema E61 looks quite a lot like the Faema E61 Legend espresso machine. But technically there are quite a lot off differences.

Water level, the water level used in the Faema E61 legend is one with a casted housing with a sight glass in front. This model is also used on a variety of Faema models like: Faema E92, Faema E97, Faema due and so on   And a variety of La Cimbali models like the La Cimbali M39 and the La Cimbali M39 GT

The pump and motor are nowadays installed inside the machine, traditionally the pump and motor on the Faema e61 could be found outside the machine.

On the Faema E61 legend you can now also find standard a autofill system. So the chance that your heating element will dry boil, because of the lack off water, also reduced a lot. The installation of a safety thermostat inside the element also reduced this a lot.

A other item which has been changed over the time. Is that the traditional mercury pressure switch has been replaced by a new model from Asco (this used to be Sirai)

If you have any questions about your Faema E61 legend espresso machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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