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Faema E61 group spring


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    Faema E61 stainless steel group spring 42x12.9mm. Suitable for E61 style groups. if you are starting to work on the internals of your brewing group, a rebuild kit could be handy. replace all the moving and sealing parts in one go.

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    Extra Info

    FaemaFaema E61 Legend S3, Faema E61 Legend S2, Faema E61 Legend S1, E61 legend, E61
    GrimacZola-II, Zola-I
    La PavoniBar, Bart, Hotel, Pub
    VibiemmeDomobar, Cubo, Domobar Junior, Domobar Super, Replica
    part numberBFC 0530030, Royal 0530030, Faema 4731135896, Futurmat 02318400, Gaggia Spagna 02318400, Italcrem 02318400, Mairali 02318400, Visacrem 02318400, Grimac 1180100053-GR780, Pavoni 311419, Vibiemme MOLLVAER, Wega WY27421001, Isomac ISMOLLA-A, Gaggia WGA40010890, Saeco WGA40010890, Lavazza 10061896

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