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From the moment of receiving you order you have 14 days of reflection. With partial deliveries the moment of reflection starts after receiving the last part.

To use the right of return , you must inform us via an unambiguous statement that you are canceling the agreement (written, per mail or e-mail). You can use the form of cancellation, but it is not mandatory to use this form. We request that you use the return option on our website. You can find this in with your account.
You can register your items for return up to 14 days after delivery. After registration you have 14 days to return the product. The return shipment is at your own expense. The customer is responsible for the products from the moment of receipt to the moment of return of receiving the products by us. If a product is not registered for return, this product will not be processed.

The products may, as indicated in the general terms and conditions, be unpacked and assessed as is also possible in a store. This means that the items may not be installed and used in machines. The products are delivered sealed. Once these have been removed from the sealing, the product can no longer be returned.

Can I return items?

Yes you can return items. First, you must submit a return request to the system or e-mail a model form of cancellation to us. The fastest for you is to submit a return request through your account. This must be done within 14 days after receipt of the goods. Otherwise the products will not be taken back. The parts are supplied sealed, this allows you to visually inspect the product as you could in a store. Once the product has been removed from this package, you cannot return the product..
We do not accept returns from outside the EU

Do you take back electrical components?
No we do not take back electrical components.
This includes level regulators, dosing devices, PID, screens, solenoid valves, heating elements, capacitors, contactors, ssr, touchpanels, switches, thermostats, tempretature probes, pilot lights, and so on.

How long do I have to return the products?
Within 14 days after registering the items you want to return.

I have returned a product without notifying the store
Products that are returned without registering will not be processed

Am I responsible for product damage?

From the receipt by the customer to the return of the product (s), the purchasing party is responsible.

Can I install the purchased items in my machine and return them if they do not fit?
No, you can visually inspect and measure the items. But when the items have actually been installed and / or used, the items can no longer be returned. If you still do this, it will be assessed what the residual value of the product is. This can result in a partial or no refund

Do I have to pay the return costs myself?
Yes the return costs are for the customer.

If I have my products shipped express, do I get the entire shipping amount back?
No you only get the standard rate back.

Can I be credited in a different way than the way I paid?
No, the initially chosen payment method will also be credited.

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