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Arrarex Caravel - parts

Arrarex Caravel - parts

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Arrarex Caravel spare parts

The Arrarex Caravel espresso machine. It is only a espresso machine, seen it has a open boiler principle. The machine started as the VAM(Vetraria Ambrosiana Milano) Caravel which where manufacturered by the company Arrarex. The production started in the 50ies. In the 1960 the Arrarex company started to manufactur the machine under the name Arrarex Caravel. Until the 70ies.

During the period that the Arrarex Caravel was in production the design and technical principles remained basically the same. There where some minor changes in the esthetics, different knobs, lever and portafilter. With the last series the boiler lid also had a small change.
The technical parts of the machine also remained in priciple the same. There where some changes in the piston style, that's also why there are different seal sets availble for the piston. In the beginning the shower screen was fixed, in later models this became a spring held system.

On almost all the Arrarex Caravel machines the temperature controle was done with a bi metal which pushed a rod in the back of the machine to a microswitch which shut the heating element off. In the last model this was changed to a modern thermostat.
There was also a change in heating elements, the early machines had a element where you can push the elements in a socket. With the later models the heating element was attached with a connector and nuts.

We sell a variety of Arrarex Caravel lever parts. This goes from all the types of heating elements and seal sets. To our own produced replica portafilters, which is also available in a bottomless version.

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