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Arrarex Caravel spare parts

Arrarex Caravel spare parts

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Elevate Your Arrarex Caravel Espresso Machine with Premium Spare Parts

Are you in need of spare parts for your beloved Arrarex Caravel espresso machine? Look no further! Our store offers a wide selection of premium-quality parts to keep your machine running smoothly and brewing delicious espresso.

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A Brief History of the Arrarex Caravel

The Arrarex Caravel espresso machine, originally manufactured by Vetraria Ambrosiana Milano (VAM), has a rich history dating back to the 1950s. In the 1960s, production shifted to the Arrarex company, which continued manufacturing the machine under the name Arrarex Caravel until the 1970s. Despite minor aesthetic changes over the years, the design and technical principles of the machine remained largely consistent throughout its production period.

Consistent Design and Technical Principles

Throughout its production run, the Arrarex Caravel maintained a consistent design and technical principles. While there were some minor changes in aesthetics, such as different knobs, levers, and portafilters, the core components and functionality of the machine remained the same. Notably, changes in the piston style led to the availability of different seal sets for the piston. Additionally, early models featured a fixed shower screen, which later evolved into a spring-held system in later models.

Evolving Temperature Control and Heating Elements

Temperature control in the Arrarex Caravel initially relied on a bi-metal system that pushed a rod against a microswitch to regulate the heating element. However, in the last model, this mechanism was upgraded to a modern thermostat for improved precision. Similarly, heating elements underwent changes, with early machines featuring elements that could be pushed into a socket, while later models adopted a connector and nut attachment system.

Explore Our Range of Spare Parts

Our store offers a diverse range of spare parts for the Arrarex Caravel, including various types of heating elements, seal sets, and replica portafilters. Whether you're in need of a replacement part or looking to upgrade your machine with a bottomless portafilter, we've got you covered.

Conclusion: Keep Your Arrarex Caravel Running Smoothly

In conclusion, our store is your go-to destination for premium spare parts to maintain and enhance your Arrarex Caravel espresso machine. With our wide selection of high-quality components and expertly crafted replica portafilters, you can ensure that your machine continues to brew exceptional espresso for years to come. Explore our collection today and elevate your espresso experience with our premium spare parts!

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