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Faema Zodiac group parts 

Faema Zodiac group parts 

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Our selection of Faema Zodiac group spare parts

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    The bottomless portafilter on this page can be used on a variety of Faema espresso machines. This bottomless portafilter can be used on the antique lever espresso machines as well on the E61 brewing groups. This bottomless portafilter comes with a standard style of handle. The ear orientation is at 90 degrees. The thickness off the ears is 7,2mm. This...

  • 22,39 €

    On this product page you will find a Stainless steel lever group spring. We had this spring modelled after a original one. The to reach a similar spring rate the coil diameter is slightly different then with a standard steel spring. The spring has a overall length of approximately 168mm and a outer diameter of approximately 46mm. Why approximately? Seen...

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    On each side of the aluminium casting used on the Faema Lambro, Faema President and the Faema Urania you will a pressed bracket. These brackets guide the bearings over the flattened-out surface on this bracket. The article listed on this page is for the right side of the group. To be sure that you order the correct side. The rounded where the rounded off...

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    Faema Zodiac spring guide bushing

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    On this page you will find a brass gasket holder bushing for the Faema Zodiac brewing group. This bushing transfers the pressure from the outer flow regulator spring to the flat gasket in the back of the brewing group. This ring is made from brass and has an outer diameter of 14,60mm. The inner diameter is 10,00mm. the thickness is 3mm.

  • 9,86 € Add to cart In Stock

    Faema zodiac circulation limiter

  • 0,64 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    On this page you will find the valve gasket used in the Faema Zodiac brewing group. Note not all Zodiac lever brewing groups use this gasket. This gasket has a outer diameter of 15mm a inner diameter of 5,5mm and a thickness of 4mm.

  • 7,99 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    A lever brewing group uses slightly different parts then a normal pump driven espresso machine. This is the same story for the shower screens used. This shower screen made by the Italian company IMS Filtri is a example of this. This shower screen clamps around the sleeve of the brewing group to keep it into place. The outer diameter of this shower screen...

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    On this page you will find a piston gasket suitable for multiple espresso machine models. You can find this piston gasket on Rancilio, Faema and Aurora Brugnetti Lever groups. The outer diameter of this piston gasket is 51mm, the inner diameter is 38mm and the thickness of the gasket is 7,5mm. On Rancilio espresso machines you can use them on the...

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