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Our selection of coffee machine plugs

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    The item on this product page is a male 3/8” plug. These plugs have various applications, but mainly as it indicates, closing off something. This male plug is normally used with PTFE tape or with a flat gasket/copper gasket. This male plug has a 3/8” thread, the tread type used is a BSP-G thread. This item has been made in Italy.

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    One of the most universal items. The male brass plug. The plus on this page can be found in the catalogue of a variety of espresso machine manufacturers like Astoria, Faema, La Spaziale and Wega. This specific plug has a male ¼”BSP-G thread. The height of this plug is 13 mm and the wrench size for this plug is 17mm.

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    The item on this page is a female plug. This female plug can be used with a variety of espresso machine applications. You can use this fitting to plug male threads, don’t forget to order a gasket or thread sealant! This plug has a 1/8” BSP-G thread on the inside. The fitting is made from brass. In some cases it is possible that you get a...

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    Brass male plug 1/8" BSP-G Return to our fitting overview

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    Brass male plug 3/8" BSP-g Return to our fitting overview

  • 1,85 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    On this product page you will find a brass end cap. This end cap has a female thread inside which has a ½”BSP-G thread. This item is made from machined brass. It is possible that you get a version which is also nickel plated.

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