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La Cimbali M20 - Spare parts 

La Cimbali M20 - Spare parts 

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Our selection of La Cimbali M20 lever group parts

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    La Cimbali HX gasket silicone 50,8x3,53mm. the gasket is located inbetween the brewing group and the HX 150mm or the HX 210mm. And is compressed when you tighten the group bolts.Return to the La Cimbali M20 lever group overview

  • 1,99 € Add to cart In Stock

    La Cimbali PTFE gasket. This gasket seals of the brass ptfe holder with the brewing group.Return to the La Cimbali overview page

  • 5,47 € Out of stock

    La Cimbali Piston axle. This axle connects the fork lever of the group with the piston shaft. On the outsides of the la cimbali piston axle there are 2 bearings to make the pull action smoother.

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