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Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, 15 euro ex vat

When will I receive my order?

As soon as payment for your order has been received, your order will be processed. You will receive email confirmation of your order, your payment, processing and eventually dispatch. We aim to dispatch all orders within 5 working days.

Can I change my order after ordering?

Changing your order after the confirmation and shipment isn’t possible.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes it is possible to cancel your order. You can do that by using our contact page. Our paypal email is not a communication account and to emails to that account won't be responded to.

What do I need to do when my order isn’t complete?

Please send us a private message using our contact page, so that we can solve your situation as quickly as possible.

Do I get a order confirmation?

Yes, you will get a order confirmation after the payment.

I haven’t received a order confirmation after payment?

Please check your spam box, if it isn’t in there just contact us to figure out what happend.

How can I track my orders and payment?

After logging into your account, the status of your checkout history can be found under Order History. For orders via registered postage, a tracking number (article tracking number) will be given to you after the receipt given from MyParcel or PostNL.

The item i want to order is not in stock and has a shipping moment indication?

Yes not all items are in stock so they will be supplied from our suppliers. the days listed under the add to cart are indications and no rights can be derived from it

What happens in the event of unsatisfactory/wrong/missing products?

We take such matters very seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly. Any product that falls under the below categories should not be thrown away before taking photo proof and emailing the photo of the affected product and your D.O (Delivery Order) to us at [email protected].

We regret to inform you that no refunds will be given for orders that fall under the below categories.

1. In the event that the sample you've received is unsatisfactory in any way you perceive, we will require photo proof of the product and your D.O (Delivery Order) as well and you may be required to send us back the product for close inspection and review before a decision is made to re-send a product to you at no cost, subject to availability. Items can be returned up to 14 days after your D.O. 
If you want to return a item you need to follow the following procedures. Items which are just send back are not accepted.

  • Step 1: Contact the customer service department true the following email adress: [email protected]
  • Step 2: print and fill in the return form
  • Step 3: Pack the item(s) in the original packing.
  • Step 4: Return the item with a tracked shipping and send us the tracking code.

After receiving the item(s) they are closely inspected. Used items can not be returned. When the item(s) are accepted for return you will get a refund within 14 days.

2. In the event that you've received the wrong product, we will require photo proof of the wrongly sent product and D.O (Delivery Order) and after reviewing, you’ll receive our confirmation. After the confirmation, you must place a new order with the product that you want. You will be charged with the shipping costs.

3. In the event you've received your order with a missing product, we will require you to email us a clear photo proof of your D.O (Delivery Order) to [email protected] and after which, kindly give us a call and our customer service officer will attend to you to find out more before a decision is made to re-send the missing sample to you at no cost, subject to availability.

Items which are used can't be returned.


How do I know that my order has been accepted?

As soon as your order is received, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details of your order. When your payment has been received, you will receive a new email with the payment confirmation.

What is the current status of my order?

In order to keep you informed about the most recent information on the processing and delivery of your order, Harman will send you a new confirmation with the latest status at each step of the ordering process.

Can i have my invoice changed once i have ordered?

Once a order has been made the invoice can't be changed.


Why is there a price difference between some parts?

The more `expensive` parts are custom made by us for each individual machine. The "cheaper" parts are quite often still in production with manufacturers.

The listing says that the part will be made on order, how long will it take when my shipment is ready?

On average this takes two weeks, but if it takes longer we will contact you.

Do I get warranty on the products I buy?

Yes you will get warranty on spare parts for a period of 2 years, except electronic components. For the espresso machines there is a warranty of 6 months on the parts.

What do all those part numbers and model numbers mean?

These part numbers are references for compatibility of items. Some items can have new or multiple part numbers. We only gives these items as a reference compatibility.

My old part does not look the same as the new one?

That is possible, manufactures adjust their products from time to time. If the manufacturer part numbers match they are compatible with the part reference number. There can be slight differences between the listed dimensions and the provided parts, but will be compatible with the listed part number

This is also for product pictures, those are for indication purposes. No rights can be derived from that. 

Why are the restored machines so expensive?

The price varies per machine. If you have a more common machine like the Faema E61, they are cheaper because they aren't that rare. When you are looking for the early Faema or La Marzocco machines, they can be a lot more expensive because they are rare.

Besides that, for almost every machine the parts need be custom made. The next thing which makes it expensive is re-chroming a machine. This is a labour intensive job if you want to get the chrome even nicer than it originally was.


Which kind of payment methods do I have?

For payments we use Ideal, sofort banking and credit cards.

Do you offer paypal as a payment option?

No, we don't use paypal

Are the prices including or excluding VAT (Value Added Taxes)?

The prices are excluding VAT, so if you are located in the European Union there will be VAT charged over it

If you are from outside the EU you don’t need to pay any VAT.

Can the VAT be deducted? (only for business in the EU)

Yes, if you have a registered VAT number you don’t need to pay the VAT. If you want to order without VAT contact us in advance and if it checks out you are able to order without vat. We won't implement vat numbers afterwards.
If you are a company from the Netherlands you still need to pay the VAT.


Do you ship globally?

Yes we do ship globally! But we are not responsible for additional charges you may incur as a result of international duties.

How do you ship my orders?

All your orders are sent via PostNL.

Can I also have my product delivered to an address that is different to my invoice address?

When placing your order you can indicate whether the order should be delivered to your invoice address or any other address (e.g. your work address).

Can i change the delivery address when the item has been shipped?

The delivery address can’t be changed when the item has been dispatched.

My order has been dispatched, but I have not yet received anything.

We always provide a tracking number with the items, so that you can trace every movement.

The average transit times are:

Europe it is 3 - 5 working days;

Rest of the world 5 - 10 working days*

*For shipments outside of Europe this is excluding the time that customs takes.

Is there a cheaper way of shipping?

For the smaller objects which fit in a envelope we can ship them cheaper. But there is no tracking on these shipments.

If you want to track your shipment you need to send us a email so we can arrange that.

The website shows free shipping for EU, NO, CH and UK?

Parts orders over 120 euro ex vat are shipped for free.

Outside EU, do i need to pay importing costs and vat?

All our shipments are DAP. So you as a customer are responsible for the importing costs (VAT and customs costs). If you don't want to pay them the item will be returned to the sender(brooks espressomachines). With refusing to pay the customs cost are some additional costs. Seen we are charged for returning the items to us. For that reason we only issue a partial refund, based on the additional costs for returning the item to us.

What happens when a ittem can not be delivered or wrong adress has been given?

When the shipping company is unable to deliver the parcel the item will be shipped back to us. In the case of shipments outside the EU this can result in additional charges. Seen the return shipments aren't for free and it has to be imported back into the EU. these costs will be charged to the customer with a minimum of 20% off the sales price.

What happens if there's been a delivery mishap to my order? (damaged or lost delivery)

We take such matters very seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly. Any product that falls under the below categories should not be thrown away before taking photo proof and emailing the photo of the affected piece and your D.O (Delivery Order) to us at [email protected].

We regret to inform you that no refunds will be given for orders that fall under the below categories.

1. In the event of damaged products received, we will require photo proof of the affected pieces and your D.O (Delivery Order) in order for us to investigate and review before a decision is made to re-send the product to you at no cost, subject to availability. In light of this, any product that falls into this category should not be thrown away before taking photo proof and emailing the photo to us at [email protected]

2. In the event of lost mail, we will try to locate the delivery team in MyParcel or PostNL and if there's a clear indication that your order is indeed lost, we'll re-send the order to you at no cost, subject to availability.

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