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espresso machine brands

Unveiling the Origins of Espresso Tradition

The journey of lever operated espresso machines began in the early 20th century in Italy, where coffee culture flourished in bustling cafes and espresso bars. Seeking to simplify the art of espresso brewing, inventors introduced lever machines, revolutionizing the way coffee was made and enjoyed. These early innovations laid the foundation for modern espresso technology, shaping the course of coffee history for decades to come.

Filterbasket 2 coffee 12gr 70x21mm

The 2 coffee filterbasket on this page can be used a big variety of espresso machine brands. You can use this basket on brands such as Casadio, Brugnetti, ECM Heidelberg, San Remo, Faema, Vibiemme, La Scala, Grimnac. This filterbasket has been made by the Italian company IMS Filtri. The IMS part reference is CF2T068. Note: this is not a competition...

Compression spring 13x42mm

The spring on this page is used in the Faema E61 and various other of E61 style of brewing groups. This is the spring located in the upper section of the brewing group, in the trumpet/mushroom. This stainless-steel compression spring has a outer diameter of 13mm. The length of this compression spring is 42mm. This spring has been made in Italy. This...

Aurora Brugnetti X piston gasket 50x38x7.5mm

To seal off the piston on a lever espresso machine in most cases there is being used a piston gasket or X gasket. The X gasket is in almost all the cases the lower piston gasket. This gasket compressed against the piston sleeve to seal off the piston itself. This piston gasket is made from NBR. The outer diameter is 50mm, the inner diameter is 38mm and...

Brooks Arrarex Caravel tamper base american walnut

As a barista you want that your tamper has a safe spot to be stored when not in use. This tamper base is made for our Arrarex Caravel tampers. This tamper base has been made from laminated American walnut. The base has been coated twice in food safe wax. On the base is a rubber anti skid pad, seen wood on smooth surfaces slides easy around. This item has...

Arrarex Caravel: A Beacon of Innovation

Founded in the 1950s, Arrarex Caravel quickly rose to prominence with its groundbreaking lever operated espresso machines. The Caravel, the company's flagship model, combined compact design with innovative lever mechanisms, revolutionizing home espresso brewing. Loved for its simplicity and exceptional performance, the Caravel remains a beloved classic among coffee connoisseurs and collectors alike.

La Cimbali: Precision Engineering at Its Finest

La Cimbali, a stalwart in the coffee industry since 1912, is renowned for its commitment to precision engineering and superior quality. While best known for its commercial equipment, La Cimbali also produced exceptional lever operated machines. Models like the M1 showcased the brand's dedication to blending traditional lever brewing with modern technology, setting new standards for excellence in espresso craftsmanship.

Faema: Elevating Espresso to Art

Since its inception in 1945, Faema has been synonymous with innovation and sophistication in espresso machine design. While famous for its iconic E61 model, Faema also made its mark in the world of lever operated machines. These elegant devices, characterized by sleek aesthetics and precise engineering, continue to inspire coffee enthusiasts with their timeless appeal and exceptional brewing capabilities.

La Pavoni: A Testament to Italian Craftsmanship

Founded in 1905, La Pavoni holds a special place in the hearts of coffee lovers worldwide. The brand's iconic Europiccola and Professional models are beloved for their elegant designs and unparalleled performance. La Pavoni machines exemplify the artistry and tradition of Italian craftsmanship, offering a timeless charm that continues to enchant baristas and coffee aficionados to this day.

Bezzera: Pioneering Espresso Excellence

Bezzera, founded in 1901, is credited with inventing the first commercial espresso machine, laying the groundwork for modern coffee culture. Alongside its groundbreaking innovations, Bezzera also produced remarkable lever operated machines. With a legacy of over a century of innovation, Bezzera remains a trusted name in the coffee industry, revered for its commitment to quality and excellence.