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Gaggia C-70/80 - spare parts 

Gaggia C-70/80 - spare parts 

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Our selection of Gaggia C-70/80 group parts

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    A lever brewing group uses slightly different parts then a normal pump driven espresso machine. This is the same story for the shower screens used. This shower screen made by the Italian company IMS Filtri is a example of this. This shower screen clamps around the sleeve of the brewing group to keep it into place. The outer diameter of this shower screen...

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    The bearing is essential on a lever espresso machine brewing group. Otherwise it is not possible to transfer the lever movement in a vertical movement. In the brewing group of the Gaggia lever groups the bearings are embedded inside the group. On each side you will find one bearing where the pinion gear can ride on.

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    This item is a brewing group water inlet tube which is used on various Gaggia C70/C80 brewing groups. This brewing group inlet tube is made from a copper tube which has been bend and flared at the ends. You do need to use this copper tube in combination with a nut. This item has limited availability.

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    The item on this page is a Gaggia lever brewing group spring guide, this item can be found on the Gaggia C70/C80 brewing groups. The spring guide, keeps the main compression spring centred, has been made from pressed copper. Limited stock available

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    This rubber o ring is used on the Gaggia brewing groups C70/C80 and is used on the flange side of the brewing group. This o ring is made from EPDM and has a cord diameter of 1,78mm and a internal diameter of 25,12mm. This o ring is made in Italy.

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    the piston gaskets on this page are used on various older Gaggia espresso machine models. These piston gaskets can be used on the Gaggia C70/C80 lever brewing groups. The piston gaskets are there for to seal off the piston and the piston walls during the operation. These piston gaskets are made from NBR.

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    It is quite common that the pinion gear on the Gaggia lever brewing group needs to be replaced. This can be from various reasons, like breaking or damaging teeth. This pinion gear is used to lower and raise the piston shaft in the brewing group. The shaft itself is installed in between 2 sealed bearings. Note: these shafts are made from steel so they...

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    Safety valve 1/2"1,8 Certif CE PED IV

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    This cam guide is vital in the lever mechanism used on the old Gaggia lever brewing groups. This cam guide is installed inside the side of the brewing group. The  lever cams do slide over this shaft. This item is not in production anymore.

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    This item is the nut installed on the top of the piston shaft on various Gaggia lever espresso machines. With this you can fixate the bottom nut. This item is unfortunately out of production and won’t be made anymore.

  • 3,43 € Out of stock

    This compression spring is vital in the lever mechanism used on the old Gaggia lever brewing groups. This spring is installed inside the side of the brewing group, with a small ball bearing on top of it. If this item is missing in your brewing group your brewing group mechanism won’t function properly. This compression spring is unfortunately out...

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    Gaggia steel ballReturn to the Gaggia Italia group overview

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