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Faema E61 Jubilé - Pump 

Faema E61 Jubilé - Pump 

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Our selection of Faema E61 Jubilé pump parts

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    This rubber pump motor connector is placed inbetween the casted flange couplings. This part has a outer diameter of 35mm. It is used to connect the motor to the pump on the Faema E61 Legend. The 40mm connectors don't fit.Return to the Motor parts overview

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    The flexible tube on this page has a overall length of 1500mm. This includes the fittings. The fittings on this pipe are female 3/8” BSP-G and both have a conical base, so there is no gasket needed. The tubes are rated up to 10 bar and with a maximum working temperature of 90 degree Celsius.

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    On this page you will find a stainless steel water hose. This hose can be used to connect the water mains to your espresso machine any other suitable appliance. This stainless steel flex hose has a overall length of 2000mm and on each end a 3/8” BSP-G fitting. This connection is conical so there is no need to a gasket. The maximum fluid temperature...

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    Suitable for the new Faema E61 Legend and Jubilee

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    Where the classic Faema E61 espresso machine had a external motor. The Faema E61 Legend and Faema E61 jubilé has a internal espresso machine motor. The motor used in a Faema E61 legend and Jubile is made by Elettromeccanica Ing F. Arduini and has 150W with 230V 50-60Hz. To start the motor there is a condenser installed of 10 µf. The coffee...

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