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Faema E61 - Valve parts 

Faema E61 - Valve parts 

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Our selection of Faema E61 valve parts

On the Faema E61 Valve parts page you can find a variety of commercial espresso machine valve parts. This goes from the Faema E61 over pressure valve, which make sure that the pump pressure doesn’t exceed the fixed set pressure of the Over pressure valve. But also the aluminium drain pan for the excess water what can come out of the OPV or from the drain tray of the machine.

The next valve you can find on this page is the non return valve, this drain makes sure that the HX doesn’t drain itself, or the boiler when under pressure. Seen the small non return valve is pressed against the non return valve body. Which makes it impossible for the water to flow back out of the machine.

And the Final valve is the rigenerazione valve. Most of these parts aren’t available anymore. Only the knob and the o rings are still available

If you are unable to find parts for your Faema e61 please send us a message and we maybe can help you.

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