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Vibiemme Replica Manuale steam/water valve 

Vibiemme Replica Manuale steam/water valve 

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Vibiemme Replica Manuale steam/water valve parts

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    Spring for steam valve

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    With this steam valve you can clearly see that there are some resemblances between Faema and Vibiemme. Technically it is as good as identical as a e61 valve, the only difference is that the Vibiemme valve has a stainless-steel ball in the valve. Aesthetically the differences are that the chrome plated tap nut is a lot squarer then the original. And one of...

  • 17,57 € Out of stock

    Vibiemme Replica steam pipe right

  • 45,16 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    Vibiemme replica steam pipe left

  • 1,39 € Add to cart In Stock

    When you have just used your steam wand to make a perfect latte. But you want to clean your steam wand, but you can’t because the metal is too hot. Don’t worry, we sell protective rubber sleeves which don’t pass on the heat so you won’t burn your hands. This specific model is suitable for a steam pipe which has a diameter of 10mm...

  • 2,10 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this page you will find a brass steam pipe bushing. But what is a pipe bushing. A pipe bushing makes it possible to move the steam and water wand freely without leaking. So how does it work? Well the pipe bushing has on the valve side 2 o rings, these seal against the side of the inside of the valve. But on the top ring of the pipe bushing there...

  • 0,49 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this page you will find a o ring with the dimensions 10,78x2.62mm. It is made from FKM (viton is a registered trade brand, but the material is identical) This o ring is used in a variety of locations in espresso machines. It is used with steam and water wands in espresso machines with brands like: Marzocco, Casadio, Vibiemme, Grimac, Cimbali and Faema....

  • 0,94 € Add to cart In Stock

    The stainless steel ball on this page has a diameter of 8mm. you can use this stainless steel ball in various applications. They are used in the Faema Zodiac Lever groups in the flow regulator.But the stainless steel ball bearing can also be used in the steam and water valves with the Vibiemme model like the Replica. In this valve it seals off the boiler...

  • 0,55 € Add to cart In Stock

    The spring on this product page is used for various applications with various brands. This spring is used in water inlet systems, steam and water valves and non return valves. You will find this model of compression spring with brands such as Brasilia, La Spaziale, Faema, Grimac, Vibiemme and La Scala. This stainless steel compression spring has a outer...

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