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Faema E61 Legend - Boiler 

Faema E61 Legend - Boiler 

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Our selection of Faema E61 legend boiler parts

On this page you will find items used on the Faema E61 Legend boiler. The boiler used on the modern Faema E61 legend in comparison to the old vintage Faema E61 espresso machine is big. The current boiler used on the Faema E61 legend is a fully closed boiler, with only a opening for a heating element.

The new boilers used on the Faema E61 vintage espresso machine, can’t be used on the Faema E61 Legend. They can be supplied, but with a longer lead time.

If you compare the boiler components on a antique Faema e61, the difference is big. This ranges from the safety measures, like a modern safety valve to a safety thermostat inside the heating element.

If you have any questions about your Faema E61 Legend boiler components, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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