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Faema E61 - Boiler parts 

Faema E61 - Boiler parts 

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Our selection of Faema E61 boiler parts

On this page you will find the assortment of spare parts for the boilers used on Faema e61 espresso machines. In time that the Faema e61 was in production there have been used a variety of boiler configurations. 

The earliest and most common one, the open boiler with the flanges with the aluminium boiler rings.

The full stainless steel ones, and the copper ones with a big collective heat exchanger (HX)

If you have the intention to replace your current boiler with one of the boilers we offer, for the 1 or 2 group machines. Keep in mind that the copper boilers for the faema e61 are only directly interchangeable with the earliest copper models. If you want to replace your stainless steel boiler, the tubing doesn’t line up properly and those need to be redone. These boilers are nor suitable for the Faema e61 Legend and Faema e61 Jubile espresso machines.

Besides the boilers, you can find boiler flanges, boiler rings, boiler gaskets, heating elements (also for the 110V market) safety valves, pressure switches, gaskets and so on.

If you can’t find the items you are looking for just send us a message.

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  • 23,70 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this product page you will find a boiler gasket for some of the Faema E61, Faema President and Faema Lambro espresso machines. This gasket goes in combination with the boilers which have a separate heating element flange and a water level flange or a single boiler with a heating element flange. We have this gasket made from AFM34 in Germany. This...

  • 25,47 € Add to cart In Stock

    The early models of Faema used a double flange system on their boilers. You would have a heating element flange and a water level flange. These flanges had a gasket to seal off the boiler. To spread the pressure equally over the gasket a inner and outer ring are placed. This ring prevents the deformation of the copper boiler flange and side flanges. Over...

  • 8,32 € Add to cart In Stock

    If you are converting your Faema e61 with a new boiler, it can be practical to order this boiler fitting at the same time. As you can see, the new boiler does not come with this fitting. This fitting, cast and machined from brass, has a ½ ”BSP-G male thread on 2 sides. And on one side a ¼ ”BSP-G female thread. So screw it into...

  • 57,31 € Add to cart In Stock

    Have you ever wanted to convert your single group Faema lever espresso machine from a 220-230V version to a 110V version, now you can. The heating element on this product page is suitable for installation on various antique Faema Lever groups and regular Faema E61 groups. This heating element has the typical Faema type of brass flange. The element is...

  • 40,43 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this product page you will find a heating element which is really well suited to be installed in a Faema E61 2 group boiler. It runs on single phase and still gives enough power to power a 2 group E61. This heating element produces 2440/2900W at 220/240V the element has 4 wiring poles. In the middle of the heating element is also space for a heating...

  • 2,61 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this page you will find a heating element gasket we had made out of AFM34 a food safe fibre material, made in Germany. This heating element gasket has a outer diameter of 57mm a inner diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 3mm. This heating element gasket can be used on a variety of heating elements such as the Faema E61, Faema E61 Legend, Faema E61...

  • 50,58 € Add to cart In Stock

    The element on this product page is ideal for your antique lever espresso machine, or Faema E61 espresso machine. This heating element has the typical Faema type of brass flange. The element is powered at 230V and supplies 1500W. The immersed length of the element is just 145mm. The heating element gasket used for this element has a outer diameter of...

  • 22,71 € Add to cart In Stock

    This boiler pressure gauge can be found from one of the earliest Faema E61 espresso machines as well for the Faema President lever espresso machines. This pressure manometer has a pressure reach of 0 to 3 bar. The body diameter is 52mm the rim has a diameter of 71mm. At the back is a fitting which is a male 1/8”BSP-G thread. The manometer has been...

  • 64,96 € Add to cart In Stock

    The P203T01 is also manufactured by the company Asco, in the past the name of these pressure switches was Sirai. This name change happened for all the products of Sirai. This Asco Pressure switch is a 2 pole instead of a 3 pole pressure switch. With a full plastic cover. The P203T01 is a slightly lighter pressure switch. The pressure of this switch can...

  • 68,23 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this product page you will find a pressure switch made by the company Asco, previously Sirai. This model is the P303 T01. This pressure switch is rated for a maximum contact load of 20A n 3 poles. The pressure switch can be adjusted between the 0,5bar and the 1,4bar. The fitting on the bottom is a ¼” BSP-G thread. For a tube between...

  • 8,52 € Add to cart In Stock

    If you are rebuilding your Faema e61 with a new boiler it might be handy to order this boiler fitting along with it. Seen the new boiler isn’t supplied with this fitting. This brass casted and machined fitting has on 2 sides a male ½”BSP-G thread. So to screw it on one side in the HX on the boiler and for the other side to the brewing...

  • 8,97 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this page you will find a certified boiler safety valve, it has CE-PED. This boiler safety valve is one of the most common types around. This valve is pre-set at 2,0 bar and can’t be changed. On the inside of the valve is a FKM gasket, the spring installed is made from stainless steel. The steam discharge rate when opened is 969 L/min. This...

  • 5,57 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this product page you will find a anti vacuum valve. This valve is made completely out of brass and can be easily disassembled. This type of anti vacuum valve is used with quite a lot of espresso machine brands. This valve has a male ¼”BSP-G thread. The o ring inside the valve is made from HNBR, but the o ring end stop is made from PTFE....

  • 55,34 € Add to cart In Stock

    Probably the most used pressure switch used on the Asco P302/6 a 3 phase pressure switch. This pressure switch has been used espresso machines like: La Marzocco, Faema, Cimbali, Astoria, Wega, Nuova Simonelli, La Spaziale, San Remo and so on.The brand Asco used to be the company Sirai, since a while this name has changed but the product remains the same....

  • 6,55 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    Pressure switch bracket made out of stainless steel 304. The bracket has a length of 90mm and a width of 18mm. This bracket is intended to fix one side to a boiler stud or inbetween a boiler bolt (up to M10).The other side is suitable to fit a pressure switch with a 1/4" BSP-G connector. 

  • 246,64 € Add to cart available on request

    Faema E61 flange sight glass side. Do you have a small leak in one of your boiler flanges. this can be fixed easily by replacing the flange which is leaking. Next to the level side flange we also offer the heating element side flange. Return to the Faema E61 boiler parts overview

  • 284,69 €

    With machines which are around 60 years old it is not uncommon that you get corrosion in some parts. With the Flanges used on the Faema E61, Faema President and the Faema Lambro it is quite common to find pin holes. These holes leak air or water in some cases. This flange has been made for the heating element side of the Faema E61/President and Lambro...

  • 13,89 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    Boiler injector and fitting 1/4" M-M with 90° L=140MM Suitable for BFC, Grimac, La Scala Vibiemme

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