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Arrarex Caravel double filterbasket


18,73 €
18,73 € without VAT


Always wanted to have a new filter basket for your Arrarex Caravel, you can choose now for two types of filter basket.

Basket 1: capacity 14 gr Hole dia: 0,25mm
Basket 2: capacity 14 gr Hole dia: 0,30 mm

What is the difference between a laser cut hole diameter of 0,25mm and 0,3 mm?
We choose to make two hole diameters, because the flavor of the espresso completely changes. But using the 0,25mm it makes it also a lot more difficult to use,  but gives a very strong but balanced and rounded flavor
Because the 0,25mm is difficult to use, we also made a basket with a perforation of 0,3mm. This is close to the original filter baskets. And much easier to use.

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