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Faema single portafilter with shiny handle


>24,25 €
24,25 € without VAT

Faema single portafilter with shiny handle

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    Faema single portafilter with shiny handle

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    BrasiliaCentury, Gradisca, Portofino
    FaemaCompact, Due, Due A, Due S, E64, E66, E91, E92, E97, E98, E98 President Restyling, Emblema, Emblema A, Emblema restyling A, Emblema restyling S, Emblema S, Enova, Enova S, Express, P4, Smart, Smart A, Smart A restyling, Smart S, Smart S restyling, Star, Stylema A, Stylema S, Tronic, Teorema S, Teorema A, E61

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