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Faema E61 Legend - Group 

Faema E61 Legend - Group 

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Our selection of Faema E61 legend brewing group parts

This page contains the brewing group parts for the Faema E61 legend. The E61 brewing group items haven’t been changed for all those years. The only different item in the brewing group is the shower holder diffuser. This part didn’t existed with the original Faema E61 brewing groups.

The last few years you see that there are also modifications and improved products made for the Faema e61 brewing group. A example of such a improved product are the silicone portafilter gaskets instead of the NBR portafilter gaskets. The difference between the NBR and Silicone portafilter gaskets is that the NBR gaskets will dry out faster then the silicone ones.

But the bottom line, with every brewing group. Cleaning your brewing group on a daily basis is key.

If you have any additional questions about your Faema E61 legend brewing group just let us know

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    The function of a shower screen is to spread the water coming out off the group on a equal way over the coffee. One of the standardized sizes and most common, is the 60mm shower screen. This shower is a pressed model made by IMS IMSDR300. The outer diameter is 60mm, the internal height is 17mm and the diameter of the punctured holes is 2,5mm Note: this...

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    If you are restoring a Faema E61 or rebuilding a Faema E61 legend it is possible that you find a broken lever mechanism bracket. Now you can replace them. If you start the brewing process on your Faema E61 group, you raise your lever control arm. This pushes down the micro control lever. This control lever is attached to a metal rod. This metal rod is...

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    Almost every Faema e61 brewing group made has a Allen bolt on the front of the brewing group, yes there are models which don’t have this hole. This hole also needs to be sealed off. This can be done with PTFE tape. But you can also use a copper gasket for that. The Faema part reference for this item is 4054043102  This flat copper washer has a...

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    On this product page you will find a portafilter gasket, but not a standard one. This portafilter gasket has been made from food grade silicone, in the colour red.  This product has been made in Italy. The gasket has a outer diameter of 73mm a inner diameter of 57mm and a thickness of 9mm. You can use this on a variety of brands such as the...

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    This PTFE gasket is used in the Faema E61 brewing groups, this also includes the modern Faema E61 brewing groups. The Faema part reference for this item is 4701136003. In the antique Faema E61 espresso machines it is also used to seal off the inlet of the water inlet, on the valve guide side. This gasket has been made from PTFE. The outer diameter is...

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    Faema filterbasket 2 coffee 14gr

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    Every brewing group uses a portafilter gasket. In this case it is a 73x57x9mm gasket. In this case they are made from a food grade nitrile butadiene rubber(Nbr) The OD and ID of 73x57mm is quite a standard size. You will see this size with brands like Expobar, Vibiemme (VBM), La Scala, Bezzera, Faema and Azkoyen. This doesn’t mean that these...

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    Faema E61 spout breaker Return to the Faema E61 group parts overview

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    In the Faema E61 and E61 style brewing groups you can find a variety of square valve pins, in different shapes and heights. This square pin screws into the M3 thread situation on the valve gasket holder. This model is one of the more common model which is used with brands such as Wega, Faema and La Pavoni. The part references are for Wega WY27421012,...

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