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Brasilia Portofino leva - Boiler 

Brasilia Portofino leva - Boiler 

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Our selection of Brasilia Portofino leva Boiler spare parts

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    The P203T01 is also manufactured by the company Asco, in the past the name of these pressure switches was Sirai. This name change happened for all the products of Sirai. This Asco Pressure switch is a 2 pole instead of a 3 pole pressure switch. With a full plastic cover. The P203T01 is a slightly lighter pressure switch. The pressure of this switch can...

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    On this product page you will find a pressure switch made by the company Asco, previously Sirai. This model is the P303 T01. This pressure switch is rated for a maximum contact load of 20A n 3 poles. The pressure switch can be adjusted between the 0,5bar and the 1,4bar. The fitting on the bottom is a ¼” BSP-G thread. For a tube between...

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    On this page you will find a certified boiler safety valve, it has CE-PED. This boiler safety valve is one of the most common types around. This valve is pre-set at 2,0 bar and can’t be changed. On the inside of the valve is a FKM gasket, the spring installed is made from stainless steel. The steam discharge rate when opened is 969 L/min. This...

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    On this product page you will find a anti vacuum valve. This valve is made completely out of brass and can be easily disassembled. This type of anti vacuum valve is used with quite a lot of espresso machine brands. This valve has a male ¼”BSP-G thread. The o ring inside the valve is made from HNBR, but the o ring end stop is made from PTFE....

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    On this page you will find a heating element suitable for various Brasilia espresso machine models. This specific heating element is suitable for a 1 group espresso machine. The Brasilia part reference is 00614.2.00.08 This heating element produces 1800W at 230V, there are 4 connecting poles. The element has a immersed length of 170mm. The flange on...

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    Safety valve 1/2"1,8 Certif CE PED IV

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