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Our selection of espresso machine damper parts

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    Bezzera upper damperReturn to the Bezzera lever parts overview

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    Bezzera lower damperReturn to the Bezzera lever parts overview

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    Faema lever group front stop. This stop makes sure that the lever assembly doesn't touch the brewing group when the lever is lowered. Over time the rubber used perishes or get’s damages. You can use this part on the Faema Zodiac lever group, Faema President, Faema Urania, Faema Lambro lever brewing groups. They are also usable for the Faema Marte...

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    Gaggia rubber front stopReturn to the Gaggia Italcrem lever group parts overview

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    On this page you will find a OEM/Original shock absorber for the Astoria and Wega lever brewing groups. This absorber is located inside the lever fork. So when the lever is released by accident this rubber shock absorber will absorb some of the force. This absorber is also used when the lever is in rest position This shock absorber can be used on the...

  • 5,47 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this page you will find the front stop for various lever brewing groups. This front stop make sure tha you don’t damage the lever nor the castings of the brewing group itself. This rubber front stop can be used with brands such as Brasilia with part number 01432.0.00.02 , La Pavoni 477021 and Victoria Arduino 17000018 . For La...

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    On this page you will find a rubber back stop used with a variety of and newer lever espresso machine brewing groups. You will find this back stop on Astoria and Wega models pre 2001. Currently you can find them on brewing groups used by Bezzera 5473001 , Pavoni 477020, Victoria Arduino 17000018, Wega WY15101 and Brasilia 01431.0.00.02. For...

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    Victoria Arduino Supervat front lever stop. This stainless steel stop is a replacement for the original stop. This stop opens the brewing group valve.Back to the Victoria Arduino Supervat parts overview

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