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Faema E61 - Group parts 

Faema E61 - Group parts 

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Our selection of Faema E61 brewing group parts

On this page you will be likely to find all the parts for the iconic Faema e61 brewing group you are going to need. This varies from the cleverly designed camme mechanism at the side of the group, including all it’s gaskets and springs. From the spring and the round valve system on the top section of the group. To the drain valve assembly with the quare drain valve and and at the bottom the exhaust valve.

Keep in mind that Vibiemme, Bezzera, Rocket, ECM Heidelberg and so on use a E61 group. These groupheads are Not 100% identical to each other. The majority of the items is, but when installing the items from a Faema e61 rebuild kit, in a e61 style brewing group kit your group would not function properly anymore.

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    The paper gasket is one of the items you rarely find as a OEM or Original Item. But it is one of the most important items to keep your machine functioning. Over time the brewing group and portafilter locking systems wears, so there will be more space then original. This small spaces can be filled with the paper shims. This can fix the problems of not...

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    Portafilter gasket 73x57x9mm red siliconeInternal diameter (mm) 57External diameter (mm) 73Height (mm) 9

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    Every brewing group uses a portafilter gasket. In this case it is a 73x57x9mm gasket. In this case they are made from a food grade nitrile butadiene rubber(Nbr) The OD and ID of 73x57mm is quite a standard size. You will see this size with brands like Expobar, Vibiemme (VBM), La Scala, Bezzera, Faema and Azkoyen. This doesn’t mean that these...

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    This portafilter gasket has a outer diameter of 73mm a inner diameter of 57mm and a thickness of 8,5mm. 73x57x8,5mm. This type of brewing group gasket is one of the most standard portafilters around. You will find this on the Faema E61 groups as well as on the E61 style groups used by Vibiemme, La Scala, Bezzera, San Remo, Fiorenzato and Grimac. Of this...

  • 15,74 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 - 10 working days*

    The filterbasket on this page is one of the most commonly found filter basket models. This model is made by IMS Filtri in Italy. The basket is from the competition line and not the standard line. The single filterbasket on this page has the IMS product code B701TH26.5E This single filterbasket can hold ground coffee from 7 grams up to 9grams. The basket...

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    IMS faema double coffee filterbasket. This filterbasket can contain 18/22grams of coffeeThe basket hole size is 0,3mmReturn to the IMS filterbasket overview page

  • 17,35 € Add to cart In Stock

    IMS Faema double coffee filterbasket. This basket can contain between 12/18grams of coffee.The basket hole diameter is 0,3mm. Return to the IMS filterbasket overview page

  • 13,01 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 - 10 working days*

    This shower screen style is one of the most used shower screens with espresso machines. It can be for instance used on the Faema E61 and E61 style brewing groups. This specific model of shower screen is made by IMS Filtri in Italy. But this is not a standard version, it is from their Competition series shower screens. This specific model is the E61200IM....

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    Faema E61 filterholder gasket 72,7x57x8mm nbr. The thinnest portafilter gasket available for the E61 brewing group. There are 3 thickness sizes available for the E61:8mm; 8,5mm; 9mm.If your portafilter doesn't fit as you want, there are always thinner shims available to add to the gaskets:0,5mm; 0,8mm.It's always handy to purchase some...

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    Faema filterbasket 21gr

  • 2,93 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    Faema Filterbasket 18gr

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    Faema E61 valve gasket 15,5x7,5x4mm EPDM. Used on multiple locations on Faema E61 machines to seal the steam valve axle, water valve inlet and the camme on the E61 brewing group Return to the Faema E61 group parts overview

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