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Our selection of espresso machine microswitch parts

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    If you are restoring a Faema E61 or rebuilding a Faema E61 legend it is possible that you find a broken lever mechanism bracket. Now you can replace them. If you start the brewing process on your Faema E61 group, you raise your lever control arm. This pushes down the micro control lever. This control lever is attached to a metal rod. This metal rod is...

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    On this product page you will find a microswitch which can be used on the Faema E61 espresso machines. As well on the Faema E61 Legend espresso machines. The Faema part reference for this switch is Faema 532006600. This switch is rated up to 16A at 250V. This switch has a spring loaded metal pin. This pin get’s pushed inwards when the lever of...

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