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Bezzera B2000 AL group 

Bezzera B2000 AL group 

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Our selection of Bezzera B2000 AL group spare parts

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    the portafilter gasket on this page is a OEM/Original Bezzera spare part. The Bezzera spare part reference for this item is 7493008. This item is dimension wise and optically the same as the portafilter gasket as in the accessory tab below. But what is the difference. This gasket has a shore number of 90 and the other gasket has a shore number of...

  • 13,60 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this product page you will find the bearing pin used in a variety of lever espresso machines, such as Astoria, Wega, Pavoni and Brasilia. This pin has a knurled middle piece. On that location the chrome plated lever fork will be installed to. And next to that you will get 2 bearings. These are secured with 2 shaft clips. This item is OEM/Original...

  • 3,25 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this page you will find a lever piston gasket. This gasket size is one of the most commonly used size in lever espresso machines. This piston gasket has a outer diameter of 52mm a inner diameter of 40mm and a height of 7mm. The gasket itself has been made from NBR. You can use this gasket with lever brewing groups made by the brands Astoria, La...

  • 3,40 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this product page you will find a lever pin suitable for various Bezzera Lever brewing groups. This lever pin can be used on the Bezzera Ellisse Al, Bezzera Ebbis Al, Bezzera Strega, Bezzera B2000 AL and the Bezzera B2006 AL. The Bezzera part reference for this item is 5244007CN This steel lever pin has a diameter of 9mm and a length of 26mm.

  • 29,99 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 - 10 working days*

    On this product page you will find the main spring for a lever brewing group. This spring is mainly used on older models of Bezzera espresso machines. This spring has a overall length of 131mm. the outer diameter of this compression spring is 46mm. The material used for this spring is just regular spring steel which has been galvanized. You can use this...

  • 38,43 €

    Bezzera spring rod

  • 12,48 €

    Bezzera lower damper

  • 5,47 €

    Bezzera upper damper

  • 10,90 € Add to cart Out of stock

    On this product page you will find a front stop for various Bezzera Lever groups. This item has the Bezzera part reference of 5473002.01  You can find this rubber stop on models such as the Bezzera B2000-AL, Bezzera 2006-AL, Bezzera Ebbis AL, Bezzera Ellisse AL and the Bezzera Strega lever group

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