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Faema E61 - Pump parts

Faema E61 - Pump parts

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Our selection of Faema E61 pump parts

On the page Faema E61 pump parts you will find a variety of parts for your Faema e61 espresso machine. With a Faema E61 espresso machine the pump and motor are placed outside the machine instead of the nowadays standard inside the machine (yes there are still machines, like kees van der Westen. Who install their pump and motor outside the machine)

The functioning of a Faema E61 pump system is as follows. When the lever is raised a micro control lever is pushed down and this will move a other control lever. This will push a microswitch and the espresso machine pump starts to run. When it is lowered again the espresso machine motor will stop again.

It is advisable to use a motor like a RPM clamp ring motor with a junction box, this junction box will seal it from any water. Can be handy when your pump is out in the open under a bar.

The pump type which goes with a clamp ring motor is a clamp type of espresso machine pump. These rotary vane pumps are clamped to the motors. You can use a variety of brands for this like Fluid o tech, Nuert or Procon.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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