Boiler flange 

Boiler flange 

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Our selection of espresso machine Boiler flange parts

  • 283,63 € Dodaj do koszyka available on request

    Faema E61 flange sight glass side. Do you have a small leak in one of your boiler flanges. this can be fixed easily by replacing the flange which is leaking. Next to the level side flange we also offer the heating element side flange. Return to the Faema E61 boiler parts overview

  • 327,39 €

    With machines which are around 60 years old it is not uncommon that you get corrosion in some parts. With the Flanges used on the Faema E61, Faema President and the Faema Lambro it is quite common to find pin holes. These holes leak air or water in some cases. This flange has been made for the heating element side of the Faema E61/President and Lambro...

  • 268,71 €

    Faema Mercurio stainless boiler flange

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