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Faema Urania 2 group espresso machine

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There we have a very rare model restored Faema Urania 2 group lever espresso machine.

This model Faema Urania is very rare because of the acrylic back and tall groups. But the procedure of every restoration is the same. First we started with inventarising the machine, after that the dismanteling of the machine started.

The first work starts with sanblasting the frame and painted parts. The blasting is done to remove all the old paint, rust and grime. The frame is coated with a 2 layer coating, base and color coating. At the same time the body panels and casted chrome parts where send off for new plating. The plating procedure is as following: de-chrome plating, grinding, polishing, nickle plating and finially chrome plating. The not plated parts where grind and polished in a mirror finish.

The back plexi is the special part on this machine. This covers the entire back of the machine and has the beautiful Urania logo in the middle. The plexi has been hand polished in and outside. It does has some cracks, but structurally in good condition. The sneezeguard on top of the machine is a new reproduction

This Faema Urania has 2 lever brewing groups. This looks like a zodiac group, but a early model. The bottom part of the casting is made out of chrome plated brass and the top part where the lever assembly is located is made from casted aluminium. This casting is taller then with a normal zodiac group.
On the brewing group the following parts have been replaced:

  • piston seals;
  • main springs;
  • rubber bumpers, back and fron;
  • bearings.

The hydraulics and the boiler are as good as new. These have been descaled and cleaned. The boiler got a new boiler gasket, new safety valve and heating element. All the internal valves, water,steam and water filling valve have been cleaned and rebuild with new components.
All the electrical components on the inside have been replaced with new components:

  • HT wiring;
  • heating element;
  • pressure switch;
  • safety valve.

Next to all these things the machine will be supplied with a single and a double portafilter, and their matching baskets.
For the water supply there will be a stainless steel hose and for draining the machine there will be a reinforced plastic hose.

All our espresso machines are supplied without a power plug.

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