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Faema Lambro - Valves 

Faema Lambro - Valves 

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Faema Lambro valve parts

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    Faema aluminium drain tray. Return to the Faema E61 valve parts overview

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    Faema E61 brass water inlet valve guide. You can use this valve guide for several faema models. But they are mostly used on the Faema E61. comes with the gasket Return to the Faema E61 water inlet overview

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    We where unable to trace down original or reproduction lever handles for the Faema E61 boiler filling valve. So we decided to have them casted ourselves. Seen the alternative would be a plastic handle which didn’t look like at all. We had made a casting mould and have a limited amount made of this Faema E61 aluminium filling handles. You will...

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    This brass bushing is used on a variety of older Faema lever espresso machines. The Faema part reference for this item is 4151135931. This bushing is used, in combination with a compression spring, to hold a equal pressure to various shaft gaskets. You will find this item in various applications, steam valves, water valves and water inlet valves. The...

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    This small stainless steel spring is used in various Faema steam and water valves. This compression spring keeps a constant pressure on the steam and water valve shaft gaskets, so that they will seal all the time. This is also the case for the water inlet valves for the old E61 and lever brewing group espresso machines. The Faema part reference for this...

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    This EPDM gasket is one of the most commonly used sizes of gasket. This gasket has a outer diameter of 15,5mm a inner diameter of 7,5mm and a thickness of 4mm. This gasket can be used in various applications with the old Faema Lever espresso machines. such as a gasket for sealing off valve shafts. But you will find this gasket in the Faema E61 and the...

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    The PTFE gasket on this page can be used on various E61 style and Faema E61 brewing groups. You can use this gasket on the E61 style brewing groups of the brands like La Scala, Grimac, Wega and La Pavoni.  The part and model references can be found in the extra info tab. This PTFE gasket has a outer diameter of 36mm a inner diameter of 30mm and a...

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