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Custom Faema E61 vintage espresso machine

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3 819,90 €
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    Custom Faema E61 2 group vintage espresso machine. 

    The machine has been stripped down, the frame has been shot blasted and coated in black. All chrome plated parts have been powdercoated in 2 types of black and 1 type of red. For the cannopy of the machine we chose crackle black. For the parts which need to be cleaned easily, like the brewing groups drip trays we used a smooth black color.
    For the trim parts of the cannopy we used faema red. And for the cup tray also the smooth black in combination of a new dark plexiglass.

    The brewing groups are also coated, but on the inside they have new gaskets and valve gaskets, ready to use! The filling valve, over pressure valve and non return valve have also been rebuild. The steam and water valve have been coated as well, the steam tube is offcourse in chrome.

    On the inside the custom black faema is identical to a normal one. The boiler and pipes have been descaled and blased. All the boiler and heating element gaskets have been renewed. with a new heating element.
    All electronical components have been replaced with new parts. New HT wiring, new pressure switch and new microswitch. That's not all, it also comes with a new RPM motor and fluid o tech pump.

    The machine comes with a single and a double portafilter in the e61 style, with matching filterbaskets. For the water connection you will get to stainless steel water hoses and for the drain 1 reinforced plastic one

    All espresso machines are sold without a power plug

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