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Faema E61 espresso machine
Published : 01.07.2019 11:44:30 | Categories : General

Faema E61: The most famous espresso machine in the world. The life of the E61 began in 1961 and it is considered the first modern espresso machine. By which it was possible to exert constant [...]

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Espresso machine pressure switches
Published : 21.05.2019 10:44:04 | Categories : General

Pressure switch The first pressure switches used on vintage espresso machines were actually mercury filled switches.  A membrane expands under the pressure of the boiler which tilts the mercury [...]

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Espresso machine solenoid valves
Published : 15.05.2019 14:58:48 | Categories : General

Espresso machine solenoid valves Since the invention of the coffee maker machine, all valves of a coffee espresso machine were operated manually. From the first vertical coffee machines to the [...]

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Difference between lever and pump driven espresso machine
Published : 30.04.2019 21:19:33 | Categories : General

What is the difference between an espresso machine with a lever and a pump-driven lever espresso machine?

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